In Our Backyard is a psychological drama that offers different perspectives on a number of social issues revolving around crime. The grand theme here is to look at crime through the lens of a community. This is a story about several groups of people; the police, the criminals, the victims & benefactors, and the civilians. There are no heroes or villains, just objectives and obstacles. The backdrop is a fictional middle-class suburb called Trewick. 

The first season of In Our Backyard focuses on the increasing drug problem invading Trewick. The community becomes divided by a drug called "Truth" that is believed to have originated from an outside source but is actually being manufactured by a secret organization of residents within the neighborhood.

Our Story

Production on this series began in the Spring of 2015. Cris Thorne, series creator and show-runner, produced a pilot for the series. With great support and encouragement from the Tuxedo Park Community in South Orange, NJ, the primary shooting location, production began on the first official five episodes in November 2015. 


It is our hope that this series will attract more interest and support so that it can continue to expand and grow into a full fledged web series.